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FREE Flash Card Downloads

The Ad-Duha Flash Card Sets provide children a fun introduction to the Arabic and English languages. This complete flash card series includes 4 Arabic flash card sets and 4 English flash card sets. Using these flash cards you can teach your child the complete alphabet, plus basic shapes, colors, numbers from 1-20, and counting by ten to 100 in both Arabic and English!

Each flash card set features:

  • Large print format
  • Full-color illustrations
  • Transliterations (Arabic sets)
  • Memory helpers  

We pray that your children will enjoy their flash card sets and get a great head start on their education!

Flash Card Sets
Flashcard set
Click on the links to download each printable PDF file. Print the documents on 8 x 11 letter size paper. Cards will print two per page, so you will need to cut each page in half to make the flash cards.


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