Distributor Application

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an approved Ad-Duha distributor! 

Distributor Benefits:

  • You will receive our highest wholesale discounts (50%) on all orders over $350 USD.

  • Your business information will be featured on our website (Local Bookstores page) after you have placed at least 3 orders and have established the minimin stock amount.

  • You will receive referrals from us for customers in your area that wish to purchase locally. 

How to Get Started:

To apply to become a distributor, you will need to have placed at least one qualifying wholesale order with us and then complete this form with all required information. Completion of this application does not constitute a distributor agreement, but it gets the ball rolling! If you are approved, we will inform you in writing, and the terms below will serve as the agreement between you and Ad-Duha. 

  1. You agree that to become and remain an active distributor of Ad-Duha products, you must place a minimum of one wholesale order per year and maintain at least one complete Mini Tafseer Book Series Set in stock at all times.

  2. You agree not to directly or indirectly state or infer that you/your business/or any other person or entity is the publisher/author of Ad-Duha books in any way. (For example, hosting a book signing would violate this clause but a book fair would be great!)

  3. You understand that if you are approved as a distributor, you cannot represent yourself or your company as the sole distributor of Ad-Duha products. We do not offer exclusive distributorships to any person or entity.

  4. You understand that as a distributor, you may not claim directly or indirectly that you or your business are a subsidiary, branch, partner, franchise, or any other relationship with Ad-Duha other than that of a distributor.

  5. You understand that no labels may be applied to Ad-Duha books (even if it is just contact information) and no Ad-Duha logo, copyright, ISBN, or other identifying information can be covered, altered, or removed in any way.

  6. You understand that within the US, distributors must sell Ad-Duha products for no more than the full retail price listed on our website at the time. International distributors may sell the books for no more than 10% above the full retail price. (For example, if a book is listed on our website for $6.99 USD, international distributors can sell it for no more than $7.69 ($6.99=10%), or the equivalent in the local currency.)

  7. You have read and agree to the following:
    Shipping and Return Policy (Wholesale Section)
    Copyright and Terms of Use Agreement


  8. Any breach of the above items will automatically terminate the distribution agreement, with written notice being given within 24 hours.

  9. Any right not specifically mentioned here is reserved by Ad-Duha. If any stipulation above is found to not be applicable in a specific state, country, or territory, all remaining portions of the agreement will remain applicable.  

  10. Ad-Duha reserves the right to update this agreement at any time without prior written notice. Last updated 2/2021

If you agree to all the terms above and would like to submit your application to become an approved distributor, please fill in and submit the form below. 


Reseller Certificate: If you do not want sales tax applied to your order or you anticipate ordering more than ten book sets at a time (within the USA), please email us your Reseller Certificate at support@ad-duha.org after submitting your application.

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