How to Get e-Book Referral Discounts

  1. Go to our e-book store.

  2. Find the product page of the item you want to earn.

  3. Click on the Referral Link at the top of the page and enter your email address to generate your unique referral link.

  4. Share the referral link with your friends/family.

  5. When they click on the link, a coupon code for 25% OFF will be displayed at the top of the product page that opens on their browser. They can enter the code during checkout to apply the discount. All referrals must purchase within 24 hours of receiving the link.

  6. For each person that purchases the product through your link, you will be emailed a discount code for 25% OFF your order. Once you reach four referrals, your purchase will be FREE!

  7. All of your referrals have to purchase the same product as you want to purchase; the coupon code cannot be applied to different products.

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