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 Payment Plans (Riba Free)

If you would like to apply for a payment plan arrangement, please complete the following steps...

  1. Add the items you want to purchase to your cart and click the 'Checkout' button.

  2. Continue through the checkout screens until you come to the Payment Options page.

  3. Choose 'Manual Payment' and then 'Submit your order.' This will inform us of the products you wish to order; you are not obligated to pay for them until we have contacted you and confirmed your payment plan details.

  4. After completing the steps above, complete and submit the 'Payment Plan Request Form' below. 

What Happens After You Submit the Payment Plan Request Form?

Ad-Duha support will contact you within 24 hours to inform you if the request has been approved. Ad-Duha reserves the right to accept or deny payment plan requests for any reason. Submitting your order and request online does not guarantee approval for a payment plan; it simply informs us of your intention to request one and what products you would like included. Incomplete orders or requests cannot be processed.

How the Payment Plan Works:

Once your payment plan is approved, you will begin automatic payments on your selected start date. Each time you make a payment, a portion of your order will be shipped. So, for example, if you order twenty books and choose a five-month payment plan, you will receive four books each month till the payment plan is completed. *Additional shipping charges may be added to the payment plan depending on the length of the payment plan and the number of scheduled shipments.   

Payement Plan Request Form
Directions: Please fill out the following information as completely as possible.

Preferred Payment Method

Directions to submit this application:


  1. Sign and date the application below.           

  2. Click the submit button.            

  3. You will receive an email from us within 24 hours confirming if your payment plan has been approved. Ad-Duha reserves the right to deny any payment plan request at its discretion. Completing this form does not constitute a legal payment plan agreement between you and Ad-Duha Institute unless you receive written confirmation from us of approval. 


We’ll be in touch, Insha-Allah.

By clicking the send button, you will submit your information to Ad-Duha. This information will be used only to respond to or fulfill your request. It will not be used for other purposes (i.e., advertising or marketing). Please see our Terms of Use Policy for full details on how your information is used/collected.

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