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Weekly Reminder #10

Weekly Reminder #10

We sometimes forget how important it is for a Muslim to watch their speech. It may feel good to get off steam or use foul language sometimes, especially if we are angry or feel we have been wronged. After all, we may reason that everyone else does it all the time, so it's not that bad to let it slip once in a while.

However, we have to keep in mind that what comes out of our mouths is a reflection of what is in our hearts and souls. If anger, hatred, foul language, and obscene speech are what we feel comfortable doing (even if we only do it from time to time), then we should be very concerned about what effect this is having not only on our soul but on the hearts, minds, and souls of those around us (especially parents, spouse, and children).

Ad-Duha "Clean Speech" Challenge!

This week, pay special attention to what you say on a daily basis. Is there anything that needs to be cleaned up? Are there things you say that you should not? This week try to get rid of those bad habits and make new good ones. As always, start with those nearest to you (double reward for good deeds done for close family) and work your way out to neighbors, friends, coworkers, and people you meet throughout your day.

If you normally would scream, be abusive, or ignore (this is a form of abuse as well) your spouse, children or parents when they anger or annoy you, try to speak in a better way more befitting a believer this week.

If you go crazy in traffic or waiting in line at the store and start raging at others for small offenses, take a deep breath and stop yourself.

If you regularly talk about others or laugh at them (to their faces or behind their backs), try not to do so this week. You will see a difference in yourself and so will those around you.

You may be surprised to find your family mentioning how much happier you seem, or thanking you for your kindness when they would normally avoid you and be grumpy or ill-tempered.

Go out and make the world a better place (starting with your parents, spouse, and children first!) one clean, kind word at a time :) Remember KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS!

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