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Weekly Reminder #11

Weekly Reminder #11

Do you have someone you no longer talk to or visit due to some upsetting incident or disagreement? Ask yourself this week, what was the reason for the break in your relationship and is it significant enough to keep you apart? Obviously, if someone is abusive, dangerous, manipulative, or un-Islamic in their behavior, staying away may be necessary for your safety, sanity, health, and/or or deen. But extreme cases such as that are not the majority. Usually, when we have problems with another person, it stems from an event or something said that hurt our ego, not from something intrinsically evil or sinful. If this is the case, maybe this week you should try to mend the relationship, as mending relationships is one of the most rewardable deeds in Islaam (especially when mending relations with your immediate family and neighbors).

Ad-Duha "Mending Relationships" Challenge!

This week, take time to make a list of those people you should have a good relationship with but don't (If you have no problem relationships, Masha-Allah for you!) After you know the relationship that needs mending, make efforts to fix it. For example, make that first phone call, apologize if you where wrong, send a gift, make a visit, compliment the person, or start up a conversation. Any and/or all of the above can be good icebreakers to get started on mending a broken relationship. It may be extremely hard to start this process, but its well worth it. This does not mean that everyone you try to reach out to will welcome or even accept your efforts, but Allah will, and that is most important. Now go out there and make the world a better place one mended relationship at a time, Insha-Allah!

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