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Weekly Reminder #12

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Weekly Reminder #12

Have you recently lost a loved one or know someone who has? We all have (or will) face this pain eventually; it is a natural part of life. But take heart, Allah loves His servants and is merciful to them as this hadith teaches us. There is a great reward in store for those who are patient, especially in times when Allah tests us with the loss of someone near and dear.

Ad-Duha Patience Challenge

This week, if you are dealing with a loss, know the pain is temporary and will lessen over time if you are patient and remember the reward Allah has promised you.

What does being patient mean?

  • It means to accept Allah's decision* and to turn to Him asking for help to do the right thing.

  • It means seeking out the company of those who will encourage you to be patient and avoiding those who will encourage you to be ungrateful or blame Allah for your suffering.

  • It means to look at those who have less than you or have been tested more than you (there are many) and thanking Allah for your blessings (they are far more than you could ever count).

  • It means refraining from all actions that are not befitting to a believer (i.e., screaming, cursing, hitting one's chest, pulling at one's clothes, throwing oneself on the deceased or the grave, exaggerating praise of the dead, etc.).**

  • It means to act in the best, most righteous way we can and ask Allah to accept it from us.

  • It means to seek Allah's protection from trial and tribulation, to accept it when it does happen, ask Allah for relief during it, and thank Allah after He has lifted it from us.

In the end, no matter how great our loss, we all eventually are able to laugh, be happy, and live a normal life, Insha-Allah, though it may seem impossible when we are going through it at the time. Just look at everyone around you who has been tested before you, they did not remain sad forever.

This hadith can help us to get through our personal loss by reassuring us that our patience is not in vain and our pain will not be eternal. Allah promises us that we will eventually be given the greatest of rewards for our patience, and that is a wonderful promise indeed because Allah never breaks His promise.

If you have not personally been touched by a loss, there may be others around you that have. So share this hadith with your friends and family who are in mourning with the intention of easing their suffering and helping them to get through the tough times. Allah will reward you both when you are patient and when you encourage others to be patient as well. Go out there and change the world one act of patience at a time!


*Patience does not mean we must suffer mentally or physically in the name of obeying Allah. If you are in any kind of danger (depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.) please do not wait to seek help from qualified professionals. Seeking a cure to illnesses or suffering is not only allowed in Islaam, it is incumbent on us to do so. Your body has a right on you and it is an Amaana (trust) from Allah. Allah never commands us to allow ourselves to be harmed or to harm others.

** Weeping is allowed when one loses a loved one as Rasulullah (saw) forbid what comes from the mouth (wailing, cursing, making oaths, etc.), not what comes from the eyes (tears). He (saws) cried on the death of of his infant son, Ibraheem, and he clarified at the time that what we feel in our heart is natural and necessary, but we should not go beyond the limits set by Allah.

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