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Weekly Reminder #19

Weekly Reminder #19 Being just is not easy. When we are angry or offended, we often discriminate, seek revenge, exaggerate wrongs done to us, or take advantage of others to even the score. It may make us feel better or seem necessary at the moment, but does Allah love people who act in such a way? Ad-Duha Challenge! This week take a hard look at your life choices to see if you have been unjust due to strong emotions and try to fix the situation. Injustice Test: Ask yourself if you would want someone else to do the same thing to you, your children, your loved ones, your family, or your business. If you wouldn't, it's probably unjust. For example...

1. Do you ignore or attack those you don't agree with? Especially your spouse, children, family, and neighbors. 2. Have you lied on applications for a job, government assistance, immigration, or taxes to get more money or benefits? 3. Have you hidden something you know from another person just to teach them a lesson and/or get a benefit for yourself? These are just a few examples, but injustice exist everywhere and we need to be very careful to question ourselves about the motives of our actions to help avoid being unjust ourselves.

Let's go out there and make the world a more just place by treating others the way we would like to be treated; with justice.

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