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Weekly Reminder #23

This week's reminder is all about that emotion that has become so rampant in our times...hate. A Muslim should not be among those who spread hate, but rather among those calling for peace and understanding. This is the Sunnah of Rasulullah (peace be upon him). Ad-Duha Challenge This week let's abate the hate! Let's look at our lives and ask ourselves is hate really necessary or called for in each situation we feel it? For example, you may hate your ex-husband or ex-wife. But didn't your children come from that person? Although you may be hurt, and he/she may have really wronged you in many ways, is hate best for your child/ren to see between you? You can voice concern over unislamic, abusive, or inappropriate behavior, certainly, but try to do it in a respectful hate-free way, Insha-Allah. What about your boss at work or professor in college? Do you hate them? Ask yourself why and if such a strong emotion comes from righteousness (hating true evil) or just from frustration about not getting as much money or the types of grades you think you deserve. Finally, what about non-Muslim neighbors, feuding family members, or people with different political beliefs. We can disagree without hating others. Hate does not bring is closer to Allah. It makes us think, say, and do things in most cases that Allah dislikes. So, this week let's spread peace and understanding and work to reduce hate, Insha-Allah.

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