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Weekly Reminder #24

Provision is a great blessing from Allah that we should not be careless with or waste. However, if being responsible with money becomes stinginess, this behavior will eventually remove faith from our hearts or keep faith from increasing. What is stinginess? It is obsessing over or exaggerating the importance of our own needs and dismissing or minimizing the needs of others around us. This sin comes in all shapes and sizes and can be very difficult to identify. For example, someone may give $100,000 in charity, but still be stingy because they gave it to show off, get a tax break, or get some bigger financial benefit from the organization they donated to. Thier giving was actually greedy not generous. Whereas someone else may have nothing to give at all but they sincerely wish they did. That person is truly generous and not stingy at all, even though they did not give a cent. Ad-Duha Challenge This week let's try to be less stingy by taking the initiative to give to others in order to increase the faith in our hearts. For example, give some money or a gift to your children or spouse, help out a relative in need with a bill or some groceries, give food to your neighbor, buy lunch for a friend, or give some winter clothes to a homeless person. Good deeds always start from those closest to you (relatives) and move outward to neighbors, friends, or people you meet on the street. (Remember that when you give to relatives you get a double reward, one for charity and another for tying kinship bonds.) May Allah make us of those who a generous because of our understanding of how abundantly generous He has been to us.

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