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Weekly Reminder #25

We often forget that some of the smallest things can be the most important. For the next few weeks our reminders will focus on the importance of good manners. Little acts of kindness, compassion and appreciation that make the world a better place and help our souls to grow and mature. Ad-Duha Challenge This week's Hadith teaches us that good manners should never be ignored. So this week, try to choose one good manner to start with and work on improving it.

For example, smiling, saying thank you, apologizing when wrong, giving salams to those you know and those you don't know, making dua for the person who sneezes, removing things from the road, picking up trash, and much more (always start with being kind/helping family first then work your way out to neighbors, friends, and strangers, etc.)

There are literally endless ways that we can improve our good manners, so let's choose one good manner and do it the best that we can. When it becomes a habit, choose another to work on. By doing this, you will be adding to your scale of good deeds by leaps and bounds every single day, Insha-Allah.

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