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Weekly Reminder #3

All of us face difficulties in this life, and this can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and alone sometimes. Whether it's the death of a loved one, financial problems, divorce, or an illness, we all want to feel better but often don't know how to get started on the path to acceptance and recovery so we can feel whole again.

Allah tells us in the Qur'aan that patience (accepting that Allah's plan is best for us no matter how hard that path may be) and prayer (seeking Allah's help and thanking Him for His blessings) are the keys to relief. Why? Because when we practice these two things, Allah will become our companion through the difficulty when no one else can truly, fully accompany us.

This does not mean that we should not seek help to resolve issues that are harming us (i.e., go to the doctor for medicine, seek help to escape abuse, talk to a mental health professional for depression, etc.) What it does mean is to accept that we will be tested in this life and ask Allah to accompany and reassure us along the way. Allah promises us in the Qur'aan that He will, as long as we are patient and pray, so let's take Allah up on this promise, Insha-Allah.

Ad-Duha Patience and Prayer Challenge! This week as you face your own personal tests and difficulties (both small and large), take a moment to accept Allah's companionship on your journey. Intentionally choose to be patient and accept that life happens, while at the same time mentioning your need to Allah in your daily prayers. No one can relieve your difficulties except Allah, and no one can truly understand your pain except Him, so turn to Him for help and accept that His help may come in a way and at a time that is very different from what you would have asked for, but in fact it is the best in the end, Insha-Allah.

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