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Weekly Reminder #33

Prayer is central to our beliefs in Islaam, our direct connection to Allah, and the key to our success in the hereafter. Ad-Duha Challenge This week, take a look at your family's Salaah (prayer) looking for the following characteristics. If something is missing or lacking, work on improving it, Insha-Allah. Don't feel bad if you are not doing everything on the list. Just look for opportunities for improvement. 1. Do all your family members age ten and above make all five daily prayers regularly? If not, remind them that Salaah is what makes us special, different from anyone else, and it is a gift to us from Allah. 2. Does your family pray on time? If not, set alarms as reminders and call them together on time for each prayer (especially Fajr). Remind them that prayer done on time is one of the things Allah loves most! 3. Does your family pray calmly and with concentration? If not, remind them that a sloppy prayer is like an empty gift we give to Allah. Would any of us like to get an empty gift? 4. Do your family members pray together when they are in the house together rather than separately? If not, start calling everyone together and take time after prayer for smiles, hugs, tickling, or talking. Thank them for coming and make prayer an enjoyable time for your family to reconnect. 5. Does your family perform the Sunnah prayers before and after each Salaah? If not, remind them that those who perform these Sunnah prayers are promised a house in Jannah by Allah. So start earning your houses right away! 6. Do the male family members attend prayers in congregation at the masjid? If not, try to start with a minimum of Jummah each Friday, then work on Fajr and Isha every day. Remind your family that prayer in congregation is 27 times more rewardable than prayer alone! Prayer is the mark of a Muslim, so let us remind ourselves and our families of it's importance everyday, Insha-Allah.

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