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Weekly Reminder #34

We all have dreams of things we would like to have in this life, but what Allah has in store for the righteous believers in the next life is so much better than anything we could attain in this life. Ad-Duha Challenge This week look to those in the past who were given vast amounts of money, belongings, power, etc. For example, the wealthiest kings, leaders, or business people. Did any of those things last forever? Did those things guarantee happiness or security from pain and suffering for their owners? And most importantly, were those things gotten by taking the rights of others? Next, look at those who have less than you or those who are being tested with trials and tribulations. When we look at those who are being tested, it helps us to appreciate Allah's blessings and recognise our role in helping to make the world a better place for everyone, not just ourselves. Allah reminds us in this ayah that this life is fleeting and its beauties are temporary. Our real goal is to live a moderate and righteous life here while being patient for Allah's reward in the next life. This does not mean Muslims must be poor and never try to seek out Allah's bounty. What it does mean is we should work within moderation and be content with what Allah grants us rather than seeking everything from this life at the cost of our deen, family, health, and the rights of others. May Allah bless us with beneficial provision and grant us contentment with what He has blessed us with.

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