The A Child’s Tafseer seven-book series covers the Tafseer (explanation) of 1/2 of Juz Tabarak (29th part of the Qur’aan). Each book in the series covers one surah and teaches the explanation of each ayah (verse) based on the well-known Tafseer Ibn Kathir. In addition to this, all ahadith referenced in the series are from Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim so you can feel secure knowing that what you are teaching your child is based on the most authentic and widely accepted sources in Islaam, Insha-Allah. 


*Please note: This set contains the seven currently available titles (Nooh to Moorsalaat), it does not include the four titles under development (Mulk, Qalam, Haaqa, and Ma'aarij).


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Book Features: 

  • Special facts about the surah that make it unique
  • Arabic text of the entire surah
  • English translation of every ayah 
  • Simplified explanation of the surah based on the
    classic Tafseer of Ibn Kathir
  • Sahih ahadith from Al-Bukhari and Muslim
  • Highlighted Arabic vocabulary tied into the Ad-Duha
    Arabic Exercise Books (to assist with comprehension)
  • One sentence summary of what the surah is about
  • Review section at the end of each book
  • Original illustrations to help students remember the topics
    covered in the surah (no humans/animals)
  • Coloring page in every book to make learning more fun!


Suratul-Moorsalaat Summary:

Suratul-Moorsalaat begins with an oath. Allah swears by the winds and angels, which He sends out to do certain tasks (and only He is able to command these creations) that Yowmul-Qiyaamah (the Day of Judgement) will happen and it will be the worst day ever for those who deny it. Suratul-Moorsalaat is a warning and clear evidence to those who reject Yowmul-Qiyaamah that they should start preparing for that day, but will they open their hearts and listen? 


Suratul-Insaan Summary:

In Suratul-Insaan, Allah explains how He has given us two paths to choose from in this life, with two very different rewards; Jannah or Jahannam. Allah wants us to choose the path to Jannah, so this surah tells us all we need to know about it. From delicate crystal goblets and luxurious carpets spread out, to delectable fruits and rich brocade garments, Suratul-Insaan contains one of the most beautiful and detailed descriptions of Jannah in the Qur'aan. And what's more, it tells us how to get there, Insha-Allah!


Suratul-Qiyaamah Summary:

Suratul-Qiyaamah is all about the people who say Allah will not create us again on the Day of Judgement. Allah responds to them by explaining He created them the first time and He can create them again on that day even to the tips of their fingers (i.e., the smallest details), and this is not hard for Allah at all.


This surah also tells us the right way to study the Qur'aan (calmly listen and reflect) because it is up to Allah to place the verses in our hearts and minds. Allah instructed Rasulullah (peace be upon him) in this surah, but the advice is good for us too!


Suratul-Mooduthir Summary:

Suratul-Mooduthir tells us the story of Al-Waleed bin Moogheerah Al-Mukhzoomee, who first believed in Islaam, but then rejected it because of peer pressure. Allah tells us that rejectors will be rewarded with Jahannam if they do not repent before Yowmul-Qiyaamah.


But what is so bad about Jahannam that we should want to avoid it? Allah answers that question in detail. From describing Saqar (a place of punishment in Jahannam), to detailing the guardians of Jahannam (nineteen stern angels), and even describing the conversations of guilt and regret that the people of Jahannam will have. They will wish they could come back to life so they could listen to Allah, but Allah asks them in this surah, why don't you listen right now? 


Suratul-Moozzummil Summary:

In Suratul-Moozzummil, Allah taught Rasulullah (peace be upon him) how to recite the Qur'aan and how/when to perform the night prayers (i.e., Qiyamul-Layl and Tahajjood). Allah was preparing Rasulullah (peace be upon him) for the great mission ahead as the last and final prophet.


In this surah, we will learn how the revelation came to Rasulullah (peace be upon him), who brought it to him (Angel Gibreel), and what mercies Allah has shown us that make the night prayers easy for us to perform. Learning about and performing the night prayers can help prepare us better for the trials of life by increasing our Imaan (faith) and making us more beloved to Allah, Insha-Allah! 


Suratul-Jinn Summary:

Has your child ever asked you about the Jinn? Are they scared of them or think they are all bad? If so, then Suratul-Jinn should help clear up many misconceptions. In fact, Allah teaches us more about the Jinn in this surah than any other part of the Qur'aan! 


Your child will learn the fascinating story of a group of Jinn who heard the Qur’aan and then decided to become Muslims. They will also learn that Jinn should not be feared, they are just like us in many ways. They have communities and teachers, they have families and children, and most importantly they can choose to be good or bad just like us! 


Suratu-Nooh Summary:

Prophet Nooh (upon him be peace) had taught his people patiently and tirelessly for 950 years! Yet, they still preferred their idols, Wadd, Soowaa', Yagooth, Ya'ooq, and Nasr', over pure guidance from Allah.


In this surah, your child will learn about the long struggle that Nooh went through and all the ways he made dawah to his people. In the end, they rejected his message so Nooh called on Allah with the most sincere du'aa asking for help. Your child will learn what his du'aa was, and most importantly, why Allah answered it.

A Child's Tafseer Series (1/2 of the 29th Juz, 7 Book Set)

$83.00 Regular Price
$70.55Sale Price
  • Book Count: 7
    Total Page Count: 228
    Trim Size: 8" x 10"
    Color: Full Color
    Recommended for 2nd-7th Grade
    (2nd-4th Grade as a read along with an adult, 5th-7th Grade for independent study.)


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