Tariq is headed out on his first big trip ever! He is all ready to go, he thinks... It turns out there is more than just packing to be done to get ready for a journey. Follow along as Tariq learns the supplications that the Muslim makes when they are traveling.


The supplications taught in this series are based on the following well-known sources: Hisnul-Muslim (Fortification of the Muslim) by Sheikh Sa'id Al-Qahtani, Sahih Kalimat-Tayyib by Al-Albaani (which is a confirmation of Kalimaat-Tayyib by Ibn Taymiyah), and the Sahih hadith collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim. So you can also rest assured that you are teaching your child from the most authentic Islamic sources, Insha-Allah.


Designed for children in Preschool (read along with an adult) to 3rd Grade (independent study).


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    Mini Mu'min Du'a Series #15: Tariq's Big Trip

    • Page Count: 40
      Trim Size: 8" x 10"
      Color: Full Color
      Recommended for PreK-3rd Grade

      The Mini Mu'min Du'a Series is a collection of 17 colorful storybooks + 266-page coloring workbook that help your child learn over 40 essential Islamic supplications! Using easy to understand language and charming rhymes, this series is perfect for story time.

      Designed for children in Preschool (read along with an adult) to 3rd Grade (independent study). 

      FREE Online Resources:

      We offer the following resources on our Course Resources page to augment the series.

      • 40+ printable full-color du'a posters
      • Audio recitation of each du'a (to assist non-Arabic speakers)
      • Activity filled Ramadaan Kit!
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