Complete Mini Tafseer Book Series (30th Juz, 38 Book Set)

Give the gift of understanding Juz 'Amma! The Mini Tafseer Book Series is a 38 workbook set that teaches the complete tafseer of the 30th part of the Qur'aan to children. Designed for children in KG to 2nd Grade (as a read along with an adult) or 3rd-5th Grade (used for independent study).


This series is based on the classic Tafseer of Ibn Kathir and the world-renowned Sahih International translation of the Qur'aan. All ahadith quoted in the series come from the Sahih Ahadith collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are teaching your child from the most authentic Islamic sources, Insha-Allah.


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Special Features:

  • Great introduction to the Qur'aan for children
  • One surah per book (37 suwaar + Faatiha)
  • Little known facts/trivia about each surah
  • Inspiring stories of the prophets related to the surahs
  • 300+ Qur'aanic Arabic vocabulary words taught 
  • Detailed Qur'aan & Hadith references
  • Mini grammar lessons for selected suwaar 
  • Illustrated (no images of humans or animals)
  • Plenty of coloring pages, review quizzes, and worksheets throughout the series!


    Complete Mini Tafseer Book Series (30th Juz, 38 Book Set)

    $265.00 Regular Price
    $238.50Sale Price
    • Book Count: 38 
      Total Pages: 2,677
      Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
      Color: Black and White
      Recommended for KG-5th Grade
      3rd Edition

      If you like the individual Mini Tafseer Books, why not have the complete set! This set includes all 38 books in the Mini Tafseer Book Series covering every surah in the 30th part of the Qur'aan (Juz 'Amma), from Suratun-Naba' to Suratun-Naas, plus Suratul-Faatihah. 

      Get your child excited about understanding the meaning of the Qur'aan and memorizing Juz 'Amma, Insha-Allah, with over 2,600 pages of engaging workbook activities, stories of revelation, entertaining illustrations to color, and much more!

      The series comes in a variety of convenient sets to meet your individual needs:

      1. Starter Set | 10 Books - Quraysh to Naas plus Faatiha
      2. Intermediate Set | 16 Books - Balad to Feel
      3. Advanced Set | 12 Books - Naba' to Fajr 
      4. Complete 30th Juz | 38 Books - Naba' to Naas plus Faatiha (Best Value!)

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