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We publish books you and your kids will love.

What Makes Our Books Special

Our Team of Educational Experts 

Our books have been developed by teachers and educational professionals specializing in Islamic studies, curriculum development, early childhood education, Montessori methods, instructional design, and psychology. We ensure that all information taught is developmentally appropriate, Islamically correct, and formatted to foster the love of Allah, the Qur'aan, and Islaam.

The Most Authentic Sources 

We use the classic texts of scholars as a basis for all information taught in our books. For example, Tafseer Ibn Kathir, Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Hisnul-Muslim, Qasas Al-Anbiyaa, Minhaj Al-Muslim, Saheeh International Qur'aan Translation, and more. We do this so you can rest assured that you are teaching your child the correct understanding of the Qur'aan and  Sunnah.

Choice of Format & Worldwide Access

We offer all our books in paperback, hardcover, or printable e-book format. This flexibility allows you to choose the format that works best for you. If you live overseas, e-book downloads will save time and shipping costs. However, high-quality paperback and hardcover books would be the best for an Islamic school, bookstore, or library. No matter your chosen format, all our books provide a rich learning experience, Insha-Allah.
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How Age Ranges Work 

Ad-Duha books are Montessori compatible and have been developed for use in mixed-age classrooms based on each child's developmental age and academic skill set. For example, books in 0-8 Years can be used with newborns to 6-year-olds as a read-along with an adult, or they can be used by 7 to 8-year-olds for independent reading. This allows our books to be used successfully by families, private Islamic schools, and homeschools alike. The overlap in the age ranges also allows for a wide spectrum of reading and comprehension levels within each age group. If you have questions about which age range or book series would be best for your children/students, contact us for a one-on-one, personalized consultation.

0-8 Years 

0-8 Years

Ad-Duha Storytime Series
Short stories, each teaching a good manner or moral lesson from the Qur'aan or Sunnah. Similar in format to Aseop's fables but with Islamic themes!  Recommended for children 0-6 years (birth-1st grade) as a read-along with an adult or 7-8 years (2nd-3rd grade) for independent reading. 

Storytime Series Complete 10 Book SetB.png
Look Inside 3.png

"Ad-Duha storybook series are an excellent reading source for Muslim children and educators. I received my orders, then introduced books to my teachers for review. They were so happy. Each book has the topic as it title and it's relevant to the curriculum at the kindergarten and 1st grade levels. Thank you. Jazak Allah Khairan!"  - M. Sorrells, Connecticut

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Daily Du'aa Storybook Series 
Short stories about kids just like your own learning daily supplications. These are great fun to read out loud because the entire story rhymes! Think Dr. Seuss books, but with beneficial Islamic themes. 
Recommended for children 0-6 years (birth-1st grade) as a read-along with an adult and 7-8 years (2nd-3rd grade) for independent reading. 

Daily Duaa Series Complete Set_1-10.png
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"We love everything about Ad Duha books. It is extremely beneficial to everyone. it may be aimed at kids, but both myself and my daughter have learned tons from the series we have purchased. It is an investment for us - for both this life and our akhira. " -Anisa & Fozia 

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5-11 Years

5-11 Years

Mini Tafseer Workbook Series
30th Juz/Juz Amma

Our #1 best-selling surah coloring/activity books for every chapter in Juz Amma plus Suratul-Faatihah. OVER 2,600 PAGES! Recommended for children 5-8 years (KG-3rd grade) with the assistance of an adult or 9-11 years (4th-5th grade) for independent study.

Mini Tafseer Complete SetB.png
Look Inside 3.png

"These are the core to our elementary-aged study of Qur'an, mashaAllah. With vocabulary words, story behind revelation, and lessons to learn from the surah, these little books are better than many adult books I've seen..." -S. Espelien, USA

"It's one of the best Islamic resources I have purchased for my family. The effort done by Ad-Duha is unprecedented..." - Huma, Pakistan

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Asmaa' Ul-Husnaa Set
A heart-warming story of young orphaned Ibraheem and his grandmother, Imaan, growing in their love of Allah after rediscovering a treasure trove of very special paintings in the attic. Recommended for children 5-8 years (KG-3rd grade) with the assistance of an adult or 9-11 years (4th-5th grade) for independent study. Note: This set is included in the Perfecting the Pillars Series.

Asmaa Ul-Husnaa Set.png
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"Some of the names and attributes of Allah are difficult to understand. But the stories in this book explain the attribute and name in such a way that I can clearly see what it means and how I can act on it. There is a hadith in Bukhari that if you memorize and act according to the 99 names of Allah, you will enter Jannah. So everyone should get these books. Use these books on the highway to Jannah." -U.Chaudhry 

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8-13+ Years

8-13+ Years

Tafseer & Arabic Workbook Series
29th Juz/Juz Tabarak

Full-color surah workbooks for every chapter in Juz Tabarak featuring interactive activities on almost EVERY PAGE, exciting Qur'aan Squad Missions to teach Arabic Vocabulary, a fun Bonus Section, and much more. OVER 1,600 PAGES! Recommended for children 8-11 years (3rd-5th grade) with the assistance of an adult or 12-13 years (6th-7th grade or older) for independent study.

Tafseer & Arabic Workbook Series_29 SetB.png
Look Inside 3.png

"...SubhanAllah I am blown away by the quality and content. No regrets (about) buying these books. It's at a level that even as an adult I can learn together with my child. I always felt that Tafseer is always ignored and alhamdulilah this is epic. Honestly, I can't say how pleased I am. Jazakallah kheir. " -Zainab S. 

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Perfecting the Pillars Series
Heart-warming stories about families around the world learning with each other about Tawheed (Belief in the Oneness of Allah), the 99 Names of Allah, and Salaah (daily prayers).  Recommended for children 5-8 years (KG-3rd grade) with the assistance of an adult or 9-11 years (4th-5th grade) for independent study.

Perfecting the Pillars Complete SetB.png
Look Inside 3.png

"...your material is really a cut above the rest and making the deen easy and enjoyable for our next generation. I wish I had Ad-Duha when I was growing up. Jazak-Allah."  - Umm Saarah, Singapore

"Very engaging The stories are compelling and pitched at a level to both challenge and entertain. Most importantly though, they pass on to students the correct manner of the salah in a very simple and matter-of-fact way. Well done." -M.L. Egan

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0-13+ Years

Total School Bundle - Best Value!
Imagine having an entire library of Islamic textbooks and workbooks for your children to use from birth to 13+ years old. A library of high-quality books that will teach them the explanation of Juz Amma & Juz Tabark, the reasons of revelation behind those surahs, amazing stories of the prophets, 1,000 Arabic vocabulary words directly from the Qur'aan, good manners from the Qur'aan and Sunnah, how to pray like Rasulullah (peace be upon him), the meanings of the 99 beautiful names of Allah (Asmaa Ul-Husnaa), and so much more.

If that kind of library is something you want for your child, then the Ad-Duha Total School Bundle is the best
 investment you can make for your family. Choose your book format below to learn more and see book previews. 

0-13+ Total School Bundle
School Bundle.png

"So well written! It engages my kids and keeps their interest! Alhamdulillah. I have been looking for a long time and I’m so glad I bought these!" - S.

"...A must-have for parents who want to instill a love for the Quran into their children!"  -Shahin, UK  



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